Random things that dont involve car parts
Hey guys,

Just want to say hi, we're from Sentra Nation and wanted to introduce ourselves.

We're just a bunch of Nissan enthusiasts here @ Sentra Nation and over the last few years we have developed a small community of Sentra Enthusiasts through our facebook page, instagram, & store. We're just trying to recapture the passion that we all have for our Sentras and for a while we felt that it was lacking compared to other models in the industry. We love our Sentras the same as you & we just made it our mission to bring that excitement back. Our Sentra Nation team have all spent years driving, fixing & modding our B15s, B16s & through that time Allsentra was a big part of that, & we carry that passion with us day to day in our daily journeys through life.

Anyways just a bit about us, didn't want to just storm in and crash the party.

If any of the members here would be interested in our new "Keep Calm & Drive Nissan" Official Sentra Nation T-Shirt! Made of 100% Cotton in black with red imprinted design. Fit & styled for both men and women. All sizes are available. They can be found at our store, we invite you to drop by and check it out.

Looking forward to seeing you on our facebook or instagram.


[facebook] www.facebook.com/SentraNation
[store] www.sentranationstore.bigcartel.com
[instagram] www.instagram.com/sentranation

SE-Riously Driven,

-Sentra Nation Team :D
Just a shot of the shirts
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