I have been on the forum for quite awhile now and didn't post any pictures of my spec.. so here are a few pictures that I took a few weeks ago. Hope you guys like them. =]


A few older pics from California:

I have a ton more pics from car meets and what not, but I'll leave those for another post. :D
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By Tonez
Looks great! I love the 02-03 front ends!
fucking ugly...hideous.....lame...weak shit...gtfo


looks good for a chick car lol
SammieSpecV wrote:dawm thats a hawt car hunnie. and whos that cutie sitting on the hood? i must haz dem digits.

whose the awesome dude in the background with pink shoes? i must haz dem digits

car looks great lindsay, about time. I didnt know it looked this good
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holy hell jess....good eye..i didnt see jackie chan back there
thank you for the comments guys! and lmao at Jesse and Ray. That's my best friend Danny and his gf in the background in that one picture. It's not me and my bf. That other yellow spec in the picture is my friend Danny's car. Also, his shoes are red, not pink. :roflcopter: And thanks for the love Ray, I happen to be a girl so that comment doesn't phase me. :D
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By Tonez
Drew got busted! lol
And good eye Jesse! They do look pink...
06SilverStalker wrote:
03SpecVGirl wrote:I need to update my pictures. I don't have any new pics of the HIDs I just got =)

and y are we slacking on this miss Lindsay lol

lol well it's been raining lately and I've been working at night. But I def will get some pictures taken tonight if it doesn't rain again. =)
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