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By canesXE
Well here is my showoff page for the ol' 4x4 some of you will probably recognize it from the MSV days
Only mods on it really are cosmetic along with a few bolt-ons and some suspension parts I've had alot of plans for it once it was paid off, which now it is, but of course 2 months after paying it off it took a crap and wouldn't start. It sat for 7 months and then I did manage to get it running again but then ONCE again it decided not start again and has sat for the last 3 months. I've kinda given up on this car but at the same time the amount of work I have done on this car I just can't seem to just let it go.

Cosmetic Mods are:
clear corner SPEC headlights
Side Skirts
04' Spec tailights
stock SPEC spoiler
03' SPEC rims

custom catback exhaust
Ebay Special CAI

stock SPEC springs
Megan Racing strut bar

Interior Mods:
painted center area of dash black along with the area around the shifter and added a Nismo shift knob

so here are the pics:
most recent current pic without taking a pic of it sitting in it's parking spot with leaves and pollen all over it :facepalm:

And of course the way it looked in the beginning

Being a 4x4 :D

After Tint and painting the rims black still with the "U" on it as well

Back in FLA minus tint, spoiler and with bronze rims

And of course gotta add a pic of the QG goodness.....you know you want one :D
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By canesXE
duesMANdella wrote:i deff remmeber it now with the u on the back lol
the bronze on white look sexy
any future plans besides getting it to run?
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Getting it running is top on the list & depending on what kind of shape the engine is in once I do get it running again it may be SWAP time. I've always wanted a Pulsar GTiR SR20 in it but those are exspensive. I'm thinking about actually going back to the bronze rims again just looking at the pics as I was posting them here definately made me reconsider going back to that color.
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By Tonez
Nice man. Once you get it running agian, I suggest going back to bronze wheels also. :D
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