duesMANdella wrote:Do not listen to Pat lol. For the most part he is right because most spec v's run rich but I wouldnt do it without looking

Yeah I'm not going to.. Lol I'm still waiting to see if people have figured out the whole wiring the vtech into your secondaries thing anyways.
Haha it's just using the vtech option on the vafc to set the secondaries to open at a set rpm.
Got bored the other day and detailed the engine bay.


And I snapped a pic a few nights back of her with her stocks on!

I love to keep the engine clean like that. Looks Good. I love that color. A clean car can get you 43987387489 HP :D
Nice update welcome to the tuning club LOL
Got the chance to run slicks at IFO in St. Louis, MO thanks to Pat from Columbia, MO! I believe the reason for the sluggish 60' and ET's was because of the clutch.



Thanks! lol I believe I hit a 14.715 that day.... I just can't find all the time slips.

I'm gonna have to put the slicks back on and make a few passes on the new clutch after I get it broke in and see what happens. I'm hoping to hit mid 14's on tire.

Fresh Friction plate for the JWT flywheel.


BRAND NEW 2J-Racing Stage 2 Clutch!

Had some minor transmission issues but all is good now, and she's ready to be put back together. Will update after I get the clutch broke in!
Hey man I have a quick question ofr you if you don't mind...

What do you use/how do you clean your engine? Mine is pretty dirty and tryin to figure out a way to clean it without squirting a hose in the engine bay. I don't wanna mess anything up inside the engine.

I took an engine degreaser/cleaner and have been doing it by hand but it is taking forever and I see little progress. How the hell do you get yours so clean?

Sweet car man! I'm gonna switch out my ugly chrome lights for some SE-Rs next month. I also have a b15 btw..
Well honestly... I use quick detail on everything but the block and the transmission. For that I use degreaser.... Lol but I don't hardly see much being done with the degreaser lol it doesn't seem to do a whole lot. I would recommend using the heavy gel degreaser and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes, then if that doesn't eat it off, I'd take a Brillo pad to it with the degreaser.

You can also try using some kind of aluminum cleaner since its all aluminum. Just try to be cautious of sensors and wires.
So besides the degreaser what do you use? What do you use for the quick detail part. The car's engine bay hasn't been cleaned in at least 4 to 5 years so there is a lot of gunk buildup and accumulation. How did you get urs so clean? I know its a good idea to KEEP it clean, once i can get there lol. In the meantime to GET THERE, how should I clean the engine? What would you recommend?

Thanks again man!
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