You're saying to use aluminum cleaner and heavy gel degreaser? Thanks man sorry if I sound dumb lol I'm a rookie and new to this car thing. Just trying to figure out what's the best way to go to clean the engine and get it nice and clean and shiney like yours! :D
Haha idk if I would use them both at the same time, but yes.

And as for the quick detail, I like mequires quick detail.... I just spray some on a microfiber and start wiping stuff down. As far as gunk build up.... I'm not sure. I would probably use a degreaser... Mine was never too gunked up so I didn't have to go too far with the scrubbing and shit. Basically I'd just use degreaser too scrub the gunk off, and then once you get the gunk off clean it with the quick detail and keep using that to keep it clean.
Ok cool.. Thank you man! I'll see what I can do..
Will do.. Thanks man!
FML so the other day I was freakin using degreaser to clean the engine. And guess what the hell happened? The damn degreaser was burning in the engine bay! I smelled something burning so I popped the hood and viola! freakin rust/ corrosion everywhere! Dammit!

So I had to break down and I covered up the alternator best I could along with the intake, fuse box, battery and washed the engine bay SOFTLY with a hose. Then I went on to scrub and scrub and scrub to get whatever degreaser was left off of the engine. The I went back and put a LIGHT coat of WD40 and the areas that still contained a little bit of corrosion to stop it from spreading. Spent a little bit cleaning everything else up and did the best I could to get all the degreaser off. You can kinda see where it was rusted on the heat cover to the header of the exhaust (I think thats what it's called lol).

Here are some photos AFTER I finished cleaning everything. The engine looks super clean in the photo but trust me there is a LOT of dirt and crap aroud the bay that I wanna clean. Little by little I guess:

You were right man I shouldn't have used the degreaser! :facepalm:
Hahaha well yeah man you gotta rinse the degreaser off when you're done!

It does look good though... I'm about to clean mine again. I don't do it as often as I should, but it does stay fairly clean.
Thanks man!

Got some sweet winter plans for her. Can't wait for spring to hit the track again!
Hey man.. Nice pic!

I had another question for you if you don't mind.

How hard was it to install the SE-R headlights? I too have the ugly 1.8 chrome ones and I wanna change it to the black trim SE-Rs. How long did it take you to install them both and was it difficult to do so?

Also if you dont mind me asking, how much was it for both? I found a place that sells them for $105 and free shipping. Is that a good price?
Thanks man, no it wasn't hard at all... Luckily our cars have an easy headlight assembly.

And that's about what I paid for mine.... Mine were just a little more.
Lol thanks for the reply man but I already changed mine. If you got a sec plz check it out in the showoff thread and let me know what ya think. I just had to yank them back and forth until they popped out. Next is SE-R tailights. Do you have those? I was wondering how to properly install them as you have to reseal the lights after you take them out...

Anyways love ur car as always and would appreciate feedback on mine if you get the chance! :)
Looks good man!

About the taillights..... Uh good luck taking yours out haha it's a bitch, but I have the oem taillights so I don't really know about replacing them...
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