Hi, I have a 2008 ser specV with a custom turbo kit. The car has come a very long way. From stock, to slammed, to partially bolted NA and to a full custom turbo kit.

List of mods.

Ebay 2.5" intercooler piping
Treadstone intercooler
Treadstone turbo manifold
EMUSA t3/t4 ebay turbo
Greddy type S BOV
Tail external wastegate
External screamer pipe
2.5"full custom exhaust
Megan N1 muffler
Golden eagle vacuum block
Greddy turbo timer

06-07 wrx sti front lip
TOP1 motors side skirt splitters
Replica voltex rear diffuser custom

Wheels & suspension
H&R drop springs
350z touring edition wheels 18×8F 18x8.5R
235/40r18 all around

Here's a few pics.



ksport coilovers

going up

all done and satisfied.. cheee!

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BoostedB16 wrote::welcome: car looks great man. And damn is that thing slammed, I love it. I need coilovers now after seeing that

thanks man.. yea, its sorta slamed.. i went alot lower for a while but the rubbing of the tires and the fenders where getting to me.. so i raised it up a little..
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By Man Whore
looking good
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By Tonez
Very nice! Coilovers are definitely on my wish list for the future. :D
By vc3qsym
This thing looks great! Love the wheel color and the drop is amazing. get some wheels spacers on there and it would be perfect
BoostedB16 wrote:This thing looks great! Love the wheel color and the drop is amazing. get some wheels spacers on there and it would be perfect

thanks man.. ill think about the spacers.. kinda want to start modding the damn thing, its still stock since i got it.. any suggestions on cheap aftermarket parts?
By vc3qsym
There are always people selling parts on here.
M2 header/flex pipe, Megan midpipe and any axle back exhaust, injen intake. Those are all good parts.
Stillen makes a crank pulley.
New all of that would run around 12-1400 dollars.
Intake, exhaust header is a good start. Could tune it also.
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