By randy
looks good. i thought they stop making slow in 07?? either way looks good. i want to drive a ser to compare it to the spec and 2.0!! those padel shifter look like they be kinda fun!
Thanks everyone :) I'm proud of this car. And ill definitely get a photobucket account. So far I've done window tint. Pin stripes. 4 infinity 6'9 speakers ran through a 4-channel rockford amp. (Get really good sound) I also have all season floor mats. Front seat covers. And the sylvania bulbs (headlight and fogs.) Makes for really good visibility :) oh yea and a ton of stickers :D
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By Tonez
Looks good and sounds like some nice plans!
Keep us updated as you work on it!
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Just a couple shots from today.. and I've done a couple things to her lately. 1-bought the top of a nose mask.2-i added the rain guards to all windows. 3-have drilled/slotted rotors. 4- painted the grille black :) starting to come together.[weather]
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