What's guys I just joined the forums and wanted to show off my whip. I am from Miami florida. I just lowered my car yesturday. I use tanabe springs (1.5 front , 1.6rear) and I painted my rims white. It's an SE-R by the way. Image
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By AdamNismoSR
Welcome to Allsentra.com! I like the white wheels on black! Stance looks nice aswell with the Tanabe springs!
By Jaysersec
Thank you guys and yea I plan on getting an axle back with a custom mid pipes but still trying to find what axle back is best
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By cas3214
:welcome:, I am really liking the white wheels! was always curious to how they would look on the black. Get some more pictures up!!!
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By willms81™
I have yet to see white wheels look bad on a black car. I love the contrast between the two.

Nice looking car. Welcome to the forum.

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By Jaysersec
Yea I was tired of same old black rims or blue. I thought of white so yay. By the way do you guy kno of any good mid pipes I can get ?
By MenosElOso
I think mp wise your looking at the brm or vrs full exhaust, only one I can speak from experience on is I had the d5 concepts(ebay) 3" exhaust. It was 3" midpipe and 3"cat/axleback exhaust with 4" tip. Sounded very good for the price but with gutted precats it was raspy, which is only to be expected running a fully catless exhaust. Honestly though it was a great value 159.99 for basically flex pipe back exhaust. In all actuality its all piping. Noone make a certain brand pipe. You can spend maybe 100 bucks and get a vibrant or other good brand muffler welded on the d5 and have a very very good sounding exhaust(still gonna have rasp only a cat will fix that) for less than you'll pay for a axleback from stillen or such. Honestly you can get the m2 headers and still be under stillens price. Not knocking stillen they sound gorgeous but its the same as an intake. Except the filter or muffler its all pipe.
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By Tonez
:welcome: Car looks nice man.

Please edit your title to follow the format of username/car/location and I can add this to your profile.
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By x1s1x300
Welcome to the forum. Your white wheels look sick contrasting against the black. Well done.

Jaysersec wrote:Thank you guys and yea I plan on getting an axle back with a custom mid pipes but still trying to find what axle back is best

You can also order just the mandrel bent tubing here:

http://www.mandrelexhaustsystems.com/se ... Categories

That way you can order whatever muffler and / or resonator you want. Then have a local shop weld it all up. Or do it yourself if you're so inclined.
Good looking start man, which axle back is best is very subjective. If I could do it again I would go with something from Tanabe or Greddy for sure, I currently run M2 header and Megan Exhaust the rest of the way out. Also thumbs up for Tanabe springs, it would have been my first choice. The white wheels also look pretty nice.
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