atirider wrote:Yes, Big time. The car stays flat in sharp turns now. No more oversteer. Its awsome. Feels like a new car to be honest.

Oooo really!! thats awsome...im thinking u got it from stillen for abt 190$ ?
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By ProTo20
Did you see adams he just put them on. It is pretty big. but not to bad. Im debating. because I want to get 16" rims with 225/50/16 profile so I dont want to much wheel gap either.

Might get the pro kit to be in the middle of both or just get the GF210 since those are 30% stiffer.
pro kits are discontinued man!! thats why i moved to H&R...if you are going with 16" rims, H&R springs would give you a nice drop or do coilovers. I heard that H&R are nice, the ride comfort is good and drop is low enough for a nice stance...im trynna do 17x9's with stretched tires...
atirider wrote:I dont want a stance. I just want a nice handling car that Girls wont bitch about the hard ride.

Ehh girls really aren't going to complain as long as the car looks nice, my friend has a slammed stanced 350z and he has had no problems, ill show a pic
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atirider wrote:Jeeze. I wouldnt want to be driving it though. Hit every pebble on the road.

Nice though.

I havent asked him how he gets over speedbumps. He has a nismo front bumper but had to take it off and sell since he knew he would damage it badly
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By ProTo20
Little update here

I took my K&N Filter to see if it was dirty and after 17k it was very dirty!

So I cleaned it and I also decided to do this.


With these holes now under the scoop I should be getting twice the air the intake had before.

Will be testing it when I go to work today.

And also I'll be getting my pro-kits next week! 8-)
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By ProTo20
AdamNismoSR wrote:Let us know how that works :D

I'm not buying a SRI for a very long time. It works great. No codes or anything. The sound is probably just like a SRI.

I felt a difference.
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