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By DbrainX
Hey guys,

So here's my modest 2.0... not much modification on it at this time.

Mods to come:

Lamin-X Front head and tail light tint (smoke)
Paint the front and lower grill (Black)
Vinyl Cover on the roof and possibly bonnet
HID 5000k

Light Weight Pulley
Lower engine mount
Strut Bar
H&R drop
Throttle body Bypass
Air intake (Not sure where I'll take it yet)
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Damn i remember when my car looked that high, looked like a monster truck once i got rims.

Cant wait to see the modding started. Like the quality of the shots
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By DbrainX
Thanks! lol I know the first time i took it for a spin i took my usual road driving at the same speed i used to with my previous moded car.... i felt like the car was going to roll over on every corner... :? but I will post picture next summer once i slam it and put some rubbers :D
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By DbrainX
Bienvenue. Tu es de quel coin de Québec?

Je suis de la rive sud de montreal.

Thanks guys!
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By nissanguru
Dude nice picture quality and very clean ride. Welcome to the 2.0 family

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By DbrainX
yes....another 2.0 that is Gray....win! yeah, drop that bish!

Dont hate ;) haha, I will the rolling of the body is anoying the living shit out me :o thank god the tires are good enough to keep me grounded :D
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By DbrainX
Installed Stillen SRI (not for the model but does fit with customer bracket)

Pictures to come
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By DbrainX
atirider wrote:
DbrainX wrote:Installed Stillen SRI (not for the model but does fit with customer bracket)

Pictures to come

For reals O.o

Yeah For reals!

Painted center portion of the bumper recently but will complete with the lower grill to blend it in


Some fumes are on the picture :facepalm: but all been taken care of!
will post another pic once the grill is painted

Heres the SRI:

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By DbrainX
RedRollinThunder wrote:Good job on the bumper!! :thumbup:

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