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By eoak134
I've been here for a little while I guess, finally making a show off. Bought the car in October 2012 with 31,000 miles.

Day I bought it
Should of looked like this from the factory.
Engine bay is dirty as fuck
Current Mods:
K&N short ram intake
Knock Sensor Mod
RAZO RA96A GT shift knob
Nokya Hyper Yellow's
Yellow Lamin-x fog covers
OBX lightweight Pulley
H&R Sport Springs
Tanabe Medalion Touring axleback.
Ralco RZ STS

Future Mods:
Header, midpipe, maybe Uprev tuned.
Lower torque mount
Some exterior stuff, taillights, grille.
TWEED bars, maybe some wheels.
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By CVTmodderelite
thanks for the resizing. Nice car
By WhiteLightning05
Nice man! I like it :) :thumbup:
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By 2k4 SE-R Spec V
Where in the Hudson Valley? I'm up in Albany.
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By eoak134
2k4 SE-R Spec V wrote:Where in the Hudson Valley? I'm up in Albany.

I'm like an hour away haha. I'm in Highland but you probably have no idea where that is hahaha. I'm 20 min south of Kingston, we have meets every Sunday and I'm usually the only sentra there :(. Gotta get my dude fuzzyred that's on here to come down next time too.

Really easy drive to both ways to and from Albany though. We should meet up sometime
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By miltm25
Nice I like the black but down here in miami its too hot for that color, I would like to know how to clean the engine bay if anyone knows.
By fuzzyred
Yea Def I have to come out.
Sorry for the off topic post but engine bay I usually use deep purple. It's cleans everything did it to my 94 celica when I had it. Looked new under the hood.
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By eoak134
Yea the black sucks when sitting in the sun, even in NY. Almost impossible to keep clean too, damn pollen. Second black car I said I would never own again. Haha

@fuzzyred yea dude definitely ill let you know if I'm going Sunday there was a decent turnout. Even if it was less than usual. About 50+ last week, more usually. I'm going to try that and see how it works. It's so dusty man haha.
By fuzzyred
That's what it looked like after when I was done. Everything was caked with grease before hand try it out see what happens haha. :grin:
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By eoak134
Well my landlord is a douchebag and it turns out obviously you have rinse of the purple power and simple green and I don't have a hose hook up anymore. :x Oh well, I wiped down some of the plastics.
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By eoak134
Hahaha. Yeaaaa that'll be probably tomorrow. I need to get drunk now in my sadness. I cleaned my interior. I think I was experiencing some heat soak today with my K&N. :( After a couple of hours of driving around I think it was just too hot or something. Just didn't feel right, it wasn't bogging just felt a tad slow. When I let the car cool down and it felt much more responsive after 2 hours of cool down.
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By 20Specv12
I don't have that issues here where I live. The highest temp we see here is about 22-25 degrees Celsius (and we only get 25 once in a while and only lasts for a few hours). Right now the temp this morning is 12 degrees Celsius with the high of 15.
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